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Sinopec Group Ranked No.3 on 2014 Fortune Global 500 List

2015-01-16     Source: Sinopecnews

Fortune magazine revealed its 2014 Fortune Global 500 list on 7th July, 2014. Sinopec Group has made it to the top three for the first time and ranked after Wal-Mart and Royal Dutch Shell, one place higher than last year’s position in the list, which marks the best results throughout the company's history.

Sinopec has 16 consecutive presences on the Fortune Global 500 list since 1999. It made through to No.7 in 2010, No.5 in 2011 and 2012, No.4 in 2013, and No.3 in 2014.

Fortune’s Global 500 list is the world’s top measure to the largest enterprises by revenue. It is published annually by the Fortune magazine. In 2014, the total revenue of all listed companies has reached $ 31.0584 trillion, an increase by 2.5% compared to 2013's $ 30.3049 trillion. This year, the top 500 finalists’ threshold increased $ 500 million over the previous year, reaching $ 23.7 billion.

Moving up to the third place on Fortune Global 500 list is a milestone with respect to the development of Sinopec Group. The Group has implemented six strategies of development on the way to the world leading energy and chemical company, which includes further advancing quality and efficiency, further insisting on technological progress, further emphasizing on low-carbon development, further being people-oriented, and devoting itself to be a bigger, stronger and better industry player.










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