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New progresses in the international oil & gas explorations

2015-01-18     Source: Sinopecnews

SIPC Ecuador employees are working on the drilling platform. (Provided by Zhou Fang)

In October 2014, Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Production Corporation (SIPC) Argentina reevaluated and tested the old wells to confirm the research results of the shallow gas reservoir in Rio Chico and Salamanca layer in the San Jorge basin.

On October 14, 2014, SIPC Ecuador’s project crew in Andes tested the oil output in the M1 layer of the exploratory well-Alice West 1A in block T, bringing about an initial production volume of 1042 barrels per day. Over the time, the crude oil production of the well remained stable. The successful test proved a bright prospect for oil and gas extraction in the west of T block; the test also provided a new substitution for the local oil and gas production. 

The Devon rig site. (Provided by Zhou Fang)

In early May, 2014, an exploratory well in ZhanN oilfield of SIPC Kazakhstan’s block S produced a high-yield oil flow of 226 barrels per day in the test. The test also provided a technological and methodological reference for other oilfields’ exploration in block S.

In early 2014, Gabon Petroleum Bureau and SIPC Gabon announced the commercial oil discovery in the SIMANY and OZIMA reservoirs in block G4-188. The expected annual output of these two reservoirs was 50,000 tons. Currently, SIPC Gabon is preparing a preliminary development plan for the SIMANY and OZIMA reservoirs, aiming to start operation as soon as possible.



201410月,国勘阿根廷公司通过老井作业测试,证实了圣荷赫(San Jorge)盆地古近系Rio ChicoSalamanca组浅层亮点气研究成果。

20141014,国勘厄瓜多尔安第斯项目对T区探井Alice West 1AM1层进行测试作业,获1042/日的初始产量,原油产量一直保持稳定,该井的测试成功揭示了T区西部广阔的油气资源前景,也为该地油气生产寻找到新的接替区。






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