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SEG witnessed a steady growth in the international operations

2015-01-18     Source: Sinopecnews

SEG’s project in Saudi Arabia. (Photo/ Fu Qiang) 

In 2014, Sinopec Engineering (Group) Co. Ltd (SEG) executed 20 contracts in the international market, with 7 EPC projects and 11 construction projects, the completed contracts valued 1.34 billion US dollars. The projects were mainly in Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and the U.S.. Meanwhile, SEG signed 9 new international contracts with a value hitting 1.871 billion US dollars, these new projects were in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and India.

In 2014, Sinopec Engineering (Group) Co. Ltd signed 6 construction contracts in Saudi Arabia, including a sulfuric acid project, a hydrocracking unit and diesel hydrogenation unit in Jazan refinery, Rabigh 2 CP1 Tank Work and IBN SINA polyformaldehyde project, the contract value amounted to 540 million US dollars.  

In November 2014, Sinopec Engineering (Group) Co. Ltd won in Essar’s bidding round for a feasibility research task of a petroleum coke hydrogenation project and for an introductory technical service for VADINAR refinery. The recital work has laid a solid preparation for the future FEED and EPC of the project.

In July, 2014, Sinopec EngineeringGroupCo. Ltd. (SEG) won a bid for Petronass oil refinery project. The project includes 15 million tonnes/year crude oil atmospheric distillation unit, 8.8 million tonnes/ year residue hydrogenation unit, etc. SEG is the EPC and commissioning contractor of the project. The total contract value is approximately 1.329 billion US dollars. The project is located in Johor, Malaysia.




2014年,中石化炼化工程(集团)股份有限公司(SEG)在沙特签署了硫酸项目、JAZAN 炼厂加氢裂化与柴油加氢装置项目、沙特Rabigh 2 CP1 Tank Work、沙特IBN SINA聚甲醛项目等6个以施工为主的合同,合同金额5.4亿美元。






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