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This is your ship

2018-12-24     Source:



Zhang Xueli, Gold Award Winner of the 7th SINOPEC Youth Foreign Language Contest (Photo/Cheng Yang)

中国石化第七届青年外语风采大赛金奖得主张雪莉(程阳 摄)


Lately I am reading a book named “This Is Your Ship”. The ship was in dilemma that all the sailors were at low morale at first. But fortunately there was an outstanding captain who successfully converted the low-morale crew to a fully-driven one within 2 years. The captain keeps saying that it is everyone’s ship and everyone should be fully responsible for it.



It reminds me of my company SIPC, which is just like a ship in dilemma due to falling oil price. And fortunately as well, we not only have an outstanding leadership, but also a group of responsible and professional employees, who are willing to strive for a better future of SINOPEC.



In this ship, we have Chinese, local as well as international employees. This ship is our home, and we share the same destiny with her.



In the virgin forest of Africa, a team has been doing daily work for many years. It is our Gabon team, and the oil field is just located in the virgin forest. On each shift, there is only one Chinese staff, who has to be there for 3 months until the next. Can you imagine how lonely it is to stay in the virgin forest not being able to speak Chinese at all? Can you imagine how dangerous it is to be “roommates” with vipers and Scorpions? However, no one flinch.



When Addax was moved from Geneva to Beijing, most local employees quit. But Andreea was one of those who were willing to commit themselves to SINOPEC, and abandoned original life in her homeland without hesitation. Why was she willing to do this? That is because she was attracted by SINOPEC spirits and was willing to exert herself into our great mission.



Once when Andreea was on a business trip to Africa, she got the news that her father was very sick. At that time, the business was in the crucial stage, and her father was there waiting for her to come home. However, she chose to stay in Africa until the business was done instead of going back. Unfortunately, her father passed away while she was there and she even didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. Days later, I asked her whether she regretted for her choice, and she said: “it’s a shame that I didn’t make it. But I think my father will respect my choice, because that is my responsibility and commitment to the company.”



Those two are the representative common sailors of our ship SINOPEC. This is our ship and we share this same faith. This faith is upheld by all the Chinese staff; this faith is upheld by all the international staff; and this faith is upheld by every one of us. Ladies and gentlemen, I am so proud that I am in this big ship!Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe that our ship will definitely cut through all the wind and waves sailing to a much brighter future! (By Zhang Xueli)





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