Sinopec signs purchase agreements at Shanghai Expo
Sinopec signed purchase agreements worth 45.6 billion dollars with 48 overseas suppliers.
Sinopec and BASF sign MoU to expand cooperation in China
Sinopec signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Germany's BASF in Beijing on October 28.
·Sinopec-Honeywell R&D Center unveiled
·Fuling shale gas field output exceeds 20 billion cubic meters
2018 China Geothermal Energy International Forum held in Shanghai
Sinopec has built 10 smokeless cities nationwide by replacing coal with geothermal energy.
Sinopec Corp’s net profit for 9M 2018 surges 52.7% Y-o-Y to RMB 60.1 billion

On October 30, Sinopec Corp. announced its unaudited results for the nine months ended 30 September 2018.

  ·Sinopec’s half year profit hits record high
  ·New framework type code for zeolite SCM-14 approved
Sinopec Geophysical awarded Tindouf 2D seismic project in Algeria
Sinopec Geophysical was awarded a contract for Tindouf 2D seismic project by Sonatrach recently.
Sinopec completes the construction of Yangpu storage terminal
Sinopec (Hong Kong)’s Yangpu storage terminal was completed on November 23, ready to operate in Yangpu, Hainan, China.
  ·Sinopec Fuel expands global marine fuels network
  ·SINOPEC Gas Company’ LNG daily sales firstly exceeds 10,000 tons
Aejaz Ahmed:Life is not a rehearsal
My life took an extraordinary turn when I got an offer from Sinopec Services Saudi Arabia in September, 2010.
·Claudia:Patuju blossoms in Sinopec
Drink more tea at the negotiating table
The first lesson from Pat is “Drink more tea at the negotiating table.”
·A visit to Puguang field from an Argentine perspective

Sinopec serves 5,155 households with geothermal power in Xiongxian
Sinopec had started 6 heat exchange stations in Xiongxian county of Hebei province, offering geothermal power for 5,155 households in 11 villages.
Sinopec issues white paper on poverty relief
Sinopec Group has invested 136 million yuan to poverty reduction in 2017.
Sinopec Fuling Shale Gas Company conducts land restoration
Sinopec Fuling Shale Gas Company takes land conservation measures, with the result that single well land occupation is 30% less than the normal.
·Sinopec achieves 10 million safe man-hours on Kuwait refinery project
·Sinopec achieves 1 million safe man-hours on Thailand gas pipeline project
·SIPC Canada strengthens informatization construction of safety management
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