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·The storage tank and pipeline detection project completed in Sri Lanka
Sinopec Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation has completed the storage tank and pipeline detection project at the Hambantota Port, Sri Lanka.
·The largest intersection in Khamis Mushait opens to traffic
The Project of Intersection of King Khaled Road with King Faisal Road located in Khamis Mushait in southwest Saudi Arabia, built by Sinopec, has been officially opened to traffic.
·SSC wins new rig contracts from Saudi Aramco
Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation signed contracts with Saudi Aramco for four drilling rigs with a value of some USD 340 million recently.
·BYC won third “Haier Golden Magic Cube Prize”
This is the third consecutive year that BYC won the honor.
·Wharfs of the bonded terminal for oil products put into operation in Yangpu
On March 6, four supporting wharfs of the bonded terminal for oil products in Yangpu owned by Sinopec (Hong Kong) Limited were put into operation.
·Sinopec’s DCC technology wins the bid of India’s catalytic cracking project
Deep Catalytic Cracking technology developed by Sinopec won the bid of HPCL RASASTHAN REFINERY LIMITED for catalytic cracking project recently.
·A bridge in Saudi Arabia’s Abha opens to traffic
On Feb. 12, the main road of the bridge in Saudi Arabia built by the Sinopec Petroleum Construction Zhongyuan Corporation was officially opened to traffic.
·Sinopec opens its second gas station in Singapore
On February 12, Sinopec’s second gas station in Singapore, built by the Sinopec (Hong Kong) Limited, was launched its trial operation.
·STCC awarded a new contract in Kuwait
SINOPEC Tenth Construction Co., Ltd.(STCC) has recently been awarded a new contract for the paving and civil work in addition to his ongoing MEI contract in the Unit76 of Al Zour New Refinery Project in Kuwait.
·CDU of Petronas’s RAPID project starts operation
The RAPID project of Petronas has begun production after the crude oil distillation unit (CDU), a key device contracted by Sinopec Engineering Incorporation (SEI), recently started operation.
·Sinopec Geophysical completes 3D seismic work in Algeria
On January 25, Sinopec Geophysical Corp. completed the NEGRINE 3D seismic acquisition project for Sonatrach in Algeria.
·ZRCC exports aviation fuel to Europe
This is the first time for ZRCC to export aviation fuel to Europe.
·Sinopec Geophysical awarded Tindouf 2D seismic project in Algeria
Sinopec Geophysical was awarded a contract for Tindouf 2D seismic project by Sonatrach recently.
·Sinopec completes the construction of Yangpu storage terminal
Sinopec (Hong Kong)’s Yangpu storage terminal was completed on November 23, ready to operate in Yangpu, Hainan, China.
·Sinopec Fuel expands global marine fuels network
Sinopec Fuel Oil Sales Corp. saw large profit growth in the first ten months of the year.
·SINOPEC Gas Company’ LNG daily sales firstly exceeds 10,000 tons
SINOPEC Gas Company’ LNG daily sales reached a new high to 10,601.7 tons recently.
·Sinopec Geophysical starts 3D seismic work in Algeria
Sinopec Geophysical started NEGRINE 3D seismic work in Algeria on October 21.
·Sinopec completes main part of San Buenaventura Bridge project in Bolivia
Sinopec Petroleum Construction Zhongyuan Corporation (SPCZY) completed the main part of Bolivia’s San Buenaventura Bridge Project on October 9.
·Sinopec Lubricant launches new API CK-4 diesel engine oil
Sinopec Lubricant Company launched TULUX T700 CK-4 diesel engine oil in Perth, Australian on Sept. 13.
·Sinopec Service Zhongyuan wins drilling rig contract in Venezuela
CONDOR Ecuador has awarded a two-year drilling rig contract of over 10 million dollars to Sinopec Service Zhongyuan in Venezuela.



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