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·Sinopec Geophysical awarded Tindouf 2D seismic project in Algeria
Sinopec Geophysical was awarded a contract for Tindouf 2D seismic project by Sonatrach recently.
·Sinopec completes the construction of Yangpu storage terminal
Sinopec (Hong Kong)’s Yangpu storage terminal was completed on November 23, ready to operate in Yangpu, Hainan, China.
·Sinopec Fuel expands global marine fuels network
Sinopec Fuel Oil Sales Corp. saw large profit growth in the first ten months of the year.
·SINOPEC Gas Company’ LNG daily sales firstly exceeds 10,000 tons
SINOPEC Gas Company’ LNG daily sales reached a new high to 10,601.7 tons recently.
·Sinopec Geophysical starts 3D seismic work in Algeria
Sinopec Geophysical started NEGRINE 3D seismic work in Algeria on October 21.
·Sinopec completes main part of San Buenaventura Bridge project in Bolivia
Sinopec Petroleum Construction Zhongyuan Corporation (SPCZY) completed the main part of Bolivia’s San Buenaventura Bridge Project on October 9.
·Sinopec Lubricant launches new API CK-4 diesel engine oil
Sinopec Lubricant Company launched TULUX T700 CK-4 diesel engine oil in Perth, Australian on Sept. 13.
·Sinopec Service Zhongyuan wins drilling rig contract in Venezuela
CONDOR Ecuador has awarded a two-year drilling rig contract of over 10 million dollars to Sinopec Service Zhongyuan in Venezuela.
·SEG completes upgrading project of Kazakhstan’s Atyrau refinery
The deep oil refining project of Kazakhstan’s Atyrau refinery was completed and delivered for operation by Sinopec Engineering (Group) Company (SEG) on August 30.
·The main pipeline of Saudi Arabia’s recycled water transmission project put into operation
The main pipeline of Saudi agriculture ministry’s recycled water transmission project for irrigation, constructed by Sinopec, was put into operation on August 9.
·24 devices for Gazprom transported to Russia
Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd (SNEC) built 24 non-standard devices for Gazprom in two months.
·Sino-Kuwait refinery’s heavy cargo wharf delivered
The heavy cargo wharf of Sino-Kuwait refinery and petrochemical project recently was completed and accepted in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province.
·Sinopec’s geothermal heating capacity in Xiongxian reaches 5.3 million sq m
Sinopec's installed geothermal heating capacity in Xiongxian has reached 5.3 million square meters in the first half of this year.
·SPCZY wins bid for Saudi Arabia’s Dammam bridge construction project
SPCZY has won the bid for the construction of a bridge and its access roads in Dammam, Saudi Arabia on July 4.
·Sinopec Tianjin exports diesel to Australia
On June 25, a cargo ship departed from Tianjin Port of China for Australia, carrying 41,000 tons of diesel produced by Sinopec Tianjin petrochemical company.
·Dongsheng’s daily gas output hits new high
Sinopec’s Dongsheng gas field in Ordos Basin has set a new record with 3 million cubic meters of daily gas output on June 12.
·Sinopec Geophysical completes geophysical surveys at Bangladesh’s Block 3B-6B-7
Sinopec Geophysical Corp. completed geophysical surveys at the Block 3B-6B-7 in the middle of Bangladesh on June 15.
·CESI Gladstone arrives at Sinopec’s Tianjin LNG terminal
CESI Gladstone, first of the six carriers commissioned to transport LNG that Sinopec purchases from the Australia Pacific LNG project, firstly arrived at Tianjin LNG terminal on June 1.
·Sinopec435 team completes well logging work in Ecuador

Sinopec Service Huadong’s Sinopec435 team completed the logging work of two wells in Ecuador recently.

·Sinopec Service sees Q1 profit growth
Sinopec Oilfield Service Corporation released its first quarterly results on April 25.



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