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·Drink more tea at the negotiating table
The first lesson from Pat is “Drink more tea at the negotiating table.”
·A visit to Puguang field from an Argentine perspective
The visit to Puguang gas field was an extraordinary experience.
·Artists of life
I say to myself,“Here is a wonderful place in the world, to get in touch with your true self.”
·A vegetable garden in wilderness
Walking into the campsite of Sinopec’s seismic crew at Gaskay village in Central Africa, you will firstly see a green vegetable garden.
·Teheran Airport
Every time I passed the arrival gate in Teheran International Airport, I was deeply moved by the local people.
·Watermelons in the desert
If you choose desert, you must choose to be strong, like the watermelons do.
·Corban Festival celebrated in the Sahara
In the early morning of September 12, a splash of red in the east of Sahara came into view, growing brighter and brighter.
·A safety bridge on the desert
All the vibrators have successfully strode over the oil pipeline with the help of the steel bridge.
·The unforgettable experiences in the desert
No one’s life will be dull and plain as long as he or she never lose the aspiration and power for the happy life regardless of the troubles and harshness.
·Won recognitions and respects in Kuwait
Workover crew SP910 has successfully conducted operations on 106 wells and made the rig relocation a highly efficient job.
·The unexpected changes to the rig relocation move
Despite of the unexpected changes of well locations, the 90-hour rig relocation journey has rounded out finally.
·Through the sand storm
Crew Sinopec 3307 has made great efforts to make sure the members through the sand storm safely.
·Cherish green, Breath easy
A Sinopec international employee’s sense of environmental protection and pursuit for a better natural life.
·The scouting journey on Sahara desert
The Sinopec seismic crew members took an on-spot scouting on their next block in Sahara desert.
·Race against the time
The rig relocation was completed just before the rainstorm.
·A harmonious relation between a herdsman and a workover crew
In the herdsman’s remarks, he had become comfortable with the red uniform and the workover rigs and was even reluctant to say goodbye to us.
·A journey of friendship
It was more of a journey of skills exchange and cultural integration to both Chinese and Russian crew.
·Against the sandstorm
The project department has adopted effective preventive measures and made a smart work plan.
·A source of joy on the desert
It is a green and full of freshness vegetable garden on Sahara desert, cultivated and created by the Chinese crew members.
·Impression Atyrau
Crystal azure sky, a friendly zebra crossing and cordial greeting rituals, etc give me a comfortable experience in Atyrau, Kazakhstan.



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